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That’s right! One year of fanboying over Sawa‘s breasts, Ecchi figure reviews, and procrastinated anime reviews! It’s time to PARTY!!!

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1. Cosplay Competition is open to all attendees.


2. Cosplay Competition will be an OPEN THEMED competition for both Solo and Group category where participants could cosplay any character that they want from any genrewhether it’s from anime, manga, games, comics, movies and western animation. Original Characters and Fanarts are NOT QUALIFIED and is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

3. All kinds of costume props must be HANDLED WITH UTMOST CARE and must NOT BE HARMFULto his/her fellow cosplayers, event staff and attendees. Any kind of sharp/bladed objects that will be

used as props that could cut human flesh are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Any kind of pyrotechnic equipments and chemicals to be used on and off stage as costume props that could render damage to the venue/property is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


5. The organizers have the right to disqualify cosplayers who do not follow the guidelines mentioned above from joining the contest.



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Cosplay Photography Contest

Cosplay Video Contest

Solo Cosplay 

Group Cosplay


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Ani-manga Reviews

1334761010570_animenewsnetwork-key_art_darker_than_black_Overlay_590_295Well, who would’ve thunk it? That so soon after reviewing Baccano, I’d find an anime that doesn’t revolve around teenagers or high-school. What Darker Than Black does revolve around is an assassin with electric powers who likes posing as a Chinese exchange student, an emotionless doll girl, an old man… and a cat. Quirky!

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켄타우로스 인정

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The Great Con Post

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qui est in literis

I came, I saw, I AggieCon’quered.

It was my intention to do daily AggieCon posts, but I think I overestimated my stamina. I smiled, and I talked to people, and it was just more than I could take; I passed out pretty much as soon as the dealer’s room closed each night. I did get to meet up with some old friends, which was wonderful. I got to meet some pretty amazing folks, too, which was also wonderful. For example, Noree Cosper (author of A Prescription for Delirium), who joined in the book joy from the corner of my con table, and Christopher and Heather Poinsett Dunbar (authors of the Morrigan’s Brood Series) of Triscelle Publishing.


I feel like I learned quite a bit.

For instance, I learned that I need a big stand-up poster-thing with which to attract attention. And maybe some strobe lights. I…

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Gomen nasai!

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Everything Japan!


Gomen nasai~~ Watashi wa unzari!

I’m Sorry, I’m Sick! I haven’t been able to do any posts for either of my blogs >.< I promise as soon as I get better I will Post! Yakusoku! ^.^ In fact How about YOU, yes YOU choose my next post! *_* YAY! Tanoshiide wa nai koto!? (Won’t that be Fun!?)  Heh heh ((o^w^o))

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Thank-you for reading Everything Japan! and Once again I apologize. -Liz

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