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Chibi-chan's Anime Corner

full moon5

Full Moon o Sagashite is yet another case of an anime which had production begin before the manga series it was based off of was finished. The manga continued to be written even after the anime had finished, so there were some major differences between the two. The anime began to veer away from the plot of the manga after Mitsuki’s first audition.

I will attempt to explain as many of these differences as I can, but  there are a lot of minor changes throughout the show in addition to these.


**Disclamer: Spoilers below!!!**


1. Mitsuki’s school life and secret life

In the manga, Mitsuki is too sick to attend school, so has very few friends. No human other than Mitsuki fully knows about Meroko and Takuto. Oshige and Wakaoji eventually figure out that Mitsuki is Fullmoon, but they don’t really get how she manages this. There is…

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