Anime World Wishes.

Posted: March 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Admin NyanNekoMugi

 If I could enter the Anime world this would be what I want to see/want/build/wish:

  If I could live in an anime world, I’d love to see K-ON! perform in Bars. Hayate the Combat Butler will serve as in Bars. And I like the schools to have uniforms like all anime does have. I like to see many anime characters walking around. Naruto and Hinata romancing in the street. And if I had a butler, Sebastian would be one of them. I wish that Fairy Tail was true too. I could see pretty and Kawaii Lucy Heartfilia walk around. And if I could ride on tamed wolves, like in spirited away! And all animals could talk to me. Like Happy! In Fairy Tail right? And Ichigo of Bleach could defeat all thieves coming by. And High School Life was as great as K-ON! had. Laughter and almost they didn’t think…

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