Japan Week 1: Excitements and Regrets

Posted: March 20, 2013 in Uncategorized


And I’m back. This is your dear “blogger-who-lurks-in-the-shadow”, Ruo Ani, greeting you a great and happy morning. It has been around a month since I got back from the land of moonrunes. Exams, requirements, and other school whatnot quickly stacked-upon each other when I returned and I soon found myself not being able to do what I want. That continued on until several days ago when my exams were over. It’s finally the long-awaited summer vacation, and I guess I’ll start it with this.

As some of you might have read from my post several eons ago, I was accepted and sent as an exchange student by the Japanese Government (to all the folks there, thank you very much). I was given a month stay to study the usual Japanese language and culture. Being the blogging otaku I am, I found myself too damn excited of all this. As per…

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