Japanese Toilets #3 – make it fun to pee!

Posted: March 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

visual ioner

Japan never stops to amaze me.

Going to the toilet might be boring. I guess that’s why so many people brings magazines with them *eeeew*

Well, the game company SEGA has apparently put a lot of thought on this and developed a pee-game.

This will only work at a pissoir and I don’t recommend any women to try it.

Over the pissoir is a display, screening the game featuring a little cherub who apparently needs to do his business.

In the pissoir is a blue spot which you are supposed to target with your… um… squirt. If you’re doing that well, that little cherub will fill a soda can with his… golden shower… and end up pleased and happy.

Disturbing? Or just plain fun? Here’s a movie that shows what it looks like. Don’t be afraid, it’s a constellation made by SEGA and it’s only a statuette squirting water…


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