What Do You Know about Anime?

Posted: March 20, 2013 in Uncategorized


Cartoons are for kids you say, but let me disagree with you, both in terms of art and content you could be amazed how interesting they could be.

Today I want to focus on Anime.

Anime are Japanese cartoons, featuring hand-drawn or computer animation; which includes animated television series, short films and even full-length feature films. All anime is drawn in a special style: huge eyes, brightly colored hair, well-endowed female characters, and exaggerated emotional expressions and gestures .

-What made me interested in this topic?

I saw my first anime on TV when I was a kid and the unusual for soviet countries images immediately drew my attention. Now I’ve already seen a lot, and would love to advise you which pieces are definitely worth seeing.

Here is a video showcasing the history of anime, for those who are interested how the image evolved.


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