What Is Cosplay?

Posted: March 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Vixen Gaming

Cosplay is a term that is used A LOT these days but not everyone knows what it  really stands for. When hearing the word cosplay some people tend to think of tacky costumes being worn in the backroom of a comic store while a game of Dungeons and Dragons is being played, or the next thought is one of sexism as so many people think that cosplay is just a way to ‘perv’ over women dressed in skimpy attire, however this is not the case as cosplay is very much an art form and way of expressing love for gamers and geeks favourite characters whether they be from films, TV, anime/manga, comics, or of course games. So much thought and effort is put into the best cosplay out there and its such an amazing part of ‘geek’ culture as it can unite so many fans together.

Cosplay didn’t start making…

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