Anime: Subs or Dubs?

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Subs or Dubs… For me subs so I can learn Japanese language.


Looking through the various debates on anime sites on the subject, it seems I’m in an extremely small minority of anime fans that prefer dubs.

I don’t mind that people prefer subs, but I really hate when people trash dubs as unlistenable. They’ve been getting steadily better as English voice actors gain more experience and name recognition, and ever since the late 90s I think they’ve been pretty damn good. I also find this purist “Japanese only!” attitude to be annoying at best, and unbearably elitist at worst. To me, it isn’t a bad thing if a character sounds different in the dub or has slightly different mannerisms or personality quirks. After all, Japanese and English are different, and voice actors are putting their own original spin on the characters-sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

A core part of artistic creativity comes from remixing and readapating the…

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